Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Murder Victim: Aysha Ring

24-year-old Aysha Ring was purchasing some liquor at a liquor store when her throat was cut by a man who the police have not apprehended. He is described by witnesses as a black male between the ages of 20-30, 230 pounds, and 6"1 tall.

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m said...

I’m Mike Ring, Aysha Ring’s father.

I’ll start by reiterating my family’s appreciation to the law enforcement organizations involved with successfully tracking down Aysha’s killer and also to the state attorneys office for their prosecutorial efforts. That said, this process is concluding with a dis-service to my daughter. Essentially, there is no justice for Aysha.

Aysha’s killer was evaluated by the Maryland Department of Health and Hygiene. The Perkins Hospital Center and a private mental health practice were asked to render an opinion of his mental state based on a forensic psychology assessment. It should be noted that the merits and validity of forensic psychology are constantly challenged throughout the legal, medical and science communities. As with anything involving a human factor, these opinions are influenced by the internal, social and political beliefs and by the effects of surrounding environmental factors upon the practitioners in this field. In this instance, the assessors either failed to recognize and refused to consider the natural human response of fight or flight by the defendant; or blatantly disregarded the facts of the case due to their inability to accept that not all violent crimes are committed due to a mental or chemical imbalance in offenders. When compared to known facts of the case, the assessment appears to have drawn on only those select pieces of information from the investigation which reflected credence to their collective finding.

My daughter was slaughtered. Aysha was killed in the most personal and violent manner known, by someone overwhelmed with evil and with no regard for human life. Her killer then made a conscious effort to flee the scene, dispose of the weapon and took actions by posing the ruse of mental incapacitation necessary for his own survival when he felt the law enforcement noose tighten. The defendant’s actions were no different than those of persons which international societies have labeled terrorists, war criminals or dictators.

These are not only the words of a grieving father, but come from a career counterterrorism professional who has dealt with the violent scum of the earth for the better part of my adult life. This was nothing more than a hate crime. Had the ethnic roles been reversed, the public and political outcry would have been overwhelming, assuring a vastly different judgment for the killer.

It nauseates me to know that the State of Maryland has established a precedent based on liberal ideologies; has a historical record of choosing the path of least resistance in similar cases and that its constituents continue to accept political correctness over factual issues.

Again - No Justice for Aysha.

For you Briggs; Non Inultus Premor