Saturday, April 19, 2008

Imported Rapists: Mohammed Saheem K., Mohammed Ali K., Mohammed Mussawar K., and Mohammed Rehan K., and Ram Shrethma.

Not even a year after the Lebanese gang-rapes took place, Four Pakistani brothers and a Nepalese friend of theirs went around Sydney raping as many as eighteen women.

The Pakistani brothers' surname was supressed because some of them were juveniles at the time. It was represented by the letter 'K' in the media as it shall be here.

On the 20th of January, 2002, two teenage sisters were taken to the brothers' house where the young is indecently assaulted by Mohammed Ali K., and robbed by Mohammed Rehan K.

A month later, a 14 year old is repeatedly raped Mohammed Mussawar K., and Mohammed Ali K.

Around five months later, a thirteen year old is raped by Mohammed Saheem K. A fortnight after this, two teenage girls are raped at knifepoint by the five rapists.

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