Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ham-Sandwiches, Ropes, and Hate Incidents

On April 11, 2007, a “hate incident”, as Leon Levesque called it, took place. It was not bashing, or a rape, or a murder. It was the placement of a ham-sandwich on a table at which Muslim students were sitting.

The language of dramatisation, never used sparingly by “anti-hate” groups, was put to use again by the executive director of the Centre for the Prevention of Hate Violence, Stephen Wessler, who labelled the incident “an awful thing” which was “extraordinarily hurtful and degrading”.

The victim of this incident, a 14-year-old Somali boy, would later state “At school the next day, I didn’t feel safe”. The irony of the comment is that Blacks are estimated to be 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than vice versa. [1]

"Anti-hate" groups realise only too well that the number one victim of racial crime in the West is the White race. Spates of rapes perpetrated by Arabs have occurred in Sydney, France, Oslo, and Norway; trains and buses have been blown to pieces with passengers on board in Spain and England; White farmers are being hacked to pieces and burnt alive along with their families in South Africa, and America has suffered roughly 1,000,000 sex crimes committed by illegal immigrants. [2]

In view of this, “anti-hate” groups cannot help but realise that Whites are getting a raw deal. In order to keep the white masses inextricably bound in their collective guilt complex, these groups have to infuse a fairly trivial happening with an aura of tragedy, and give the appearance of massive outrage at the event. This tactic was utilised when a noose was found hanging at a university in America. Instead of referring to this as, say, “a mean and thoughtless gesture”, Anti-Defamation League national director, Abe Foxman, called the incident “a deeply disturbing, heinous, and unconscionable attack” which “should be investigated as a serious hate crime, as there is no doubt that the message is that of ugly racism and hate”.

In bellowing this sort of rhetoric the “anti-hate” group hopes to warp the public’s mind into taking these sorts of “attacks” more seriously than they should. It is just another tool at the enemies’ disposal to instil guilt into the White psyche.

Let us turn our attention to a case that genuinely fits the definitions of ‘deeply disturbing’, ‘heinous’, and ‘unconscionable’ and see how anti-hate groups respond to them.

On January 7, 2007, a White couple in their early twenties went out on a date. While out driving, the couple were carjacked, raped, tortured, and, eventually, murdered.

Due to the stark absence of coverage by news outlets, rallies were held by pro-White groups to draw attention to the neglected atrocity.

Dealing almost exclusively with the aforementioned rallies was an article featured on the Southern Poverty League Centre website. It was entitled ‘Criminal Cases Exploited to Attack Blacks’ and revels the double standard that pro-White groups are victims of. I’ve yet to here of an article called ‘Iraqi Deaths Exploited to Attack Republicans’, even though we know it’s the case. Furthermore, “white supremacists” are mentioned in the article as “Attempting to capitalize on the propaganda value of a gruesome crime”. Isn’t this what Blacks have done with slavery and lynching, and Jews with the holocaust for over fifty years, and on a much greater scale?

This gives us great insight into the workings of the minds of these spin doctors. They have the audacity of attacking those opposing the media’s neglect of these brutal, savage killings even when the very same media saturates the Duke Rape Case with coverage even though no crime transpired!

This guilt offensive used in a mind-war against our people is not restricted to the media and on-line groups. A far more transparent assault is occurring in universities (especially in America). The introduction of so-called “whiteness studies” has been implemented there. Whiteness studies appear to be little else than paid for propaganda sessions which aim at prying students away from their racial identification. The philosophy they preach is a hotchpotch of conspiracy theory (“white privilege” and “institutional racism” in particular), race denial, and accusations of white oppression.

It’s clear that there is an ongoing moulding of the white mind. A campaign to make white ashamed of their kind – even though it weren’t for the white race Western Civilisation, Western medicine, engineering miracles such as planes, cars, trains, helicopters, water turbines, television, radio, telephones, microwaves, batteries scientific developments like the periodic table, Newton’s laws of motion, radiocarbon dating and so much else cherished by mankind would not exist.


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