Thursday, April 17, 2008

Imported Rapist: Bilal Skaf and Co.

Bilal Skaf, a Lebanese immigrant, lead a gang of rapists (amoung them Mohammed Skaf, Belal Hajeid, Mohammed Sanoussi, Mahmoud Sanoussi, Mahmoud Chami, Tayyab Sheihk, and Mohammed Ghanem) around Sydney hunting for women to subject to hours of rape, violence, and humiliation.

The first attack occured on the tenth of August. Two women aged 17 and 18 were forced to give oral sex to eight men.

The next attack occured two day later. A 16 year old girl was raped by two men with a dozen others stand around laughing. She was kicked in the stomach before she was able to escape.

On the 30th of August a woman was raped by 25 times by 14 men over a six hour period. She was also subjected to verbal humiliation during the attack.

The final attack occured on the fourth of September. Two 16 year old girls were raped repeatedly by three men over a five hour period.

Further attempts to isolate women with the intention of raping them took place but failed. Two days after the final attack, a 14 year old was approached by the men on a train, was punched and slapped, and was told she was going to be raped.

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