Saturday, April 26, 2008

Murder Victims: Those Of The 'Zebra Killings'.

These killings known as the "zebra killings" were called so because the perpetrators were Black and the victims White.

On October 19, 1973, Quita and Richard Hague, 28 and 30 respectively, were forced into a van. Quita was sexually molested and then killed with a machette. Richard was also assaulted with a machette but survived.

10 days later, on October the 29th, Frances Rose was driving when her car was stopped by a black man who fired bullets into her neck, face, and chest.

On the 11th of December, Paul Dancik was shot three times in the chest while calling someone on a public phone.

On December 13, Marietta DiGirolamo was killed via 2 bullets to her chest.

On December the 20th, an 81 year old janitor named Ilario Bertuccio was shot four times and died.

On December the 22nd, Neal Moynihan and Mildred Hosler were both shot and killed.

For a five week period there were no known murder, but then on January the 28th, 1974, Tana Smith, Vincent Wollin, John Bambic, Jane Holly, and Roxanne McMillian were shot, and only Ms. McMillian survived.

On April 1, 1974, Salvation army cadets Thomas Rainwater and Linda Story were both shot. Linda survived, but Rainwater died.

Nelson Sheilds lV was shot and killed on April 16, 1974.

Nelson Shields IV


Burly and Eloquent said...

How do these deaths compare to the millions of African slave deaths??

Unknown said...

How do they compare? More whites have been killed by blacks, then blacks that were lynched in the USA. Actually, the 4,000+ lynching's don't come close to the and killings of whites by blacks from Pistol Whippings, Shootings, Stabbings, Beatings, Robberies, Home invasions, Car Jackings, Stalking, Menacing, random acts of Violence etc. etc. etc. Furthermore, blacks sold their own people. And lastly, only 9% of slaves came to the USA. These are all verifiable Facts. Go to youtube, (Colin Flaherty) author of "white girl bleed a lot" and see all the hugely out of proportion, undeniable, black on white violence in just the last ten years.